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About Us

Our Story

Our journey into candle soy wax making began in 2014 when attending a candle making class. From then on I was hooked, and wanted to learn more about this 100% natural soy wax. I then spent about 2 years researching, learning & testing candles. In 2015 we opened a small online store where I was surprised how many people were interested in buying and making soy wax candles.

In 2019 we decided to have our website built and expand our stock. Then came the name for our website S’melt Candle Creations.  Named by my very creative husband,  S’melt  =  Smell & Melt.

S’melt Candle Creations are suppliers of the finest quality natural soy wax, sustainable palm wax and candle making supplies. We also make some of the finest hand-poured soy & palm wax candles.

Our collection also includes a range of candle making kits, candle gift packs that are hand poured in our workshop in Gosnells WA, and our all natural soaps.

We also make beautiful packs of made candles at wholesale prices for fundraising purposes that can be sold at markets, schools, offices or at your favourite sports club.

Whether it is candle wax, fragrance oils, gift boxes, ready-made candles or soaps, S’melt Candle Creations would be glad to do special, customized orders for you at wholesale prices. Contact us by phone or messaging us at  to find out more about our diverse product collection.


You can also visit us at our showroom to check out any product that you may be interested in.

Happy S’melting

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